Inkie Florals

It all started with a doodle, I raided my crafts cupboard for pens and pencils and I dipped into my inkie pots to spend some time loosely doodling. I explored techniques and developed an inkie painting which my friend said I should hang on my wall. Blues, Greens and Yellows seemed like a suitable palette. I painted the design in a half drop repeat, I might scan it into the cad, it might look sweet printed on napkins.

April_Sharman_inkiedoodle April_Sharman_inkiefloral

And I might just hang it on my wall.


A Mexican Print Design

I recently went on holiday to Mexico. It was lots of fun and included sun, sea, culture and good food which are all the things I ask from a holiday.  During my holiday I went on several day trips, one of my most memorable trips was a visit to the Coba ruins, Coba meaning turbulent water because the ruins were established amongst freshwater lakes in the jungle.  On our journey back to the hotel we stopped off at a little shop where I bought a pretty ceramic plant pot and a hand painted pot carved from a coconut.  When I got home I was inspired by my trip to create this colourful, tropical textiles design.

AprilSharman_mexicanprint AprilSharman_mexicanpot

I am looking forward to working with this design digitally to put in repeat and recolour.


A Ditzy Print

This week I created a ditzy floral print.  I looked at the dainty Liberty Art Fabrics for inspiration but I tried to give my design a contemporary twist.  I sketched tiny leaves, flowers and berries in a densely arranged repeat.


I think this design would look great printed onto cotton and turned into napkins for the summer season in my garden.


Hand Cut Stencils

I have recently been designing a set of printed blinds for a tearoom that I recently mentioned here.  Once the designs were developed I traced them onto stencil paper and I hand cut the shapes out using a scalpel.  I proceeded to attach the stencils to my silk screen and I printed the designs onto some cloth I bought to practice with.  I am very pleased with the way the designs look and tonight I spent a long time mixing up the colours by matching them to the colour chips below which I am now ready to print with.


This project has involved lots of preparation, however this means I am now ready to enjoy the fun and final part where I can print the designs onto the actual blinds.

I can’t wait to see the blinds hanging in the tea shop.


A Thrifty Up cycle

Since moving into my first unfurnished house, I have learned to become a little thrifty! Whilst we have splurged on some items such as our beautiful duck egg blue, shiny, retro fridge; we have also been generously donated items of furniture from friends and family.  This has allowed me to develop the skills needed to renovate or update items of furniture (with thanks to the help of my mum).  Mum and I spent this weekend putting together a unit that sits beautifully in the living room (which I will post soon).  Meanwhile, I painted an old chest of drawers to sit in my craft cupboard upstairs.



I hand painted the knobs and I sealed the paint with some clear acrylic varnish.  This was a fun project and I am grateful to have the extra storage.


The QuinTEAssential Tearoom

This week I have been working towards a new bespoke project.  Since printing the blinds around my home (which can be seen here), I have been asked to print some blinds which will be fitted in a brand new tea shop in an Essex countryside village.  I am delighted to have been selected for this project and have already been busy sketching many ideas.


The tearoom will have a vintage, feminine theme.  With miss-matched chairs and crockery.  I have also been lucky enough to try the delightful cakes (which is even more exciting).

My favourite so far is lemon drizzle cake.


Hand Stamped Blinds

I have just completed a project which has been slowly burning over the last couple of months.  This involved hand stamping and inserting blinds in the kitchen and bathroom of our home.  My weeks have been very busy, but I managed to efficiently use additional minutes here and there to make it possible.  Firstly I drew the designs on scraps of paper and then I traced them onto lino which I proceeded to cut out and use to repeatedly stamp in my chosen colour palette.


Admittedly, I had to fill in the accidental additional holes in the walls afterwards (mum got me a drill for christmas and I am a definite beginner at DIY) but I still feel very happy with the results and I have oak leaves in the bathroom simply because we live in the midlands!

Have a nice week.


Printed Canvas Cushions

Last week I got to travel to the Netherlands with work, where I drank tea in a glass. When I came home I completed a half marathon, which was a very proud moment.  I am so pleased I have these comfy canvas cushions to snuggle with.  I had some fabric digitally printed with my own designs and I used it to make piped cushion covers.  I feel really pleased with the end result, the cushions add some colour to my home and they are very comfortable too. Perfect for post marathon relaxation.


I hope to make some more cushions soon to sell online.

Have a comfy week!


Floral Garden

This weekend I went to the Garden Museum in London with my girlfriends.  We all made friends at university whilst studying our Textiles course and planned this weekend to include eating good food, dancing and strolling around London whilst including a cultural activity.  At the Garden Museum there was a beautiful floral installation by Rebecca Louise Law which linked in with the Gardens and Fashion exhibition which was also very interesting.  The installation was created using over 4,600 blooms which were hanging from the ceiling and had started to dry out.


I have also recently been in touch with nature.  I printed my bathroom blind with an oak leaf stamp that I carved out of lino and I also spent one evening painting very simple tree skeletons.


I am always enjoying nature and one of my favourite things is to bring the outside indoors.


Painting My Home

I am so pleased to be working in a textiles studio.  The ladies I work with are really nice and extremely talented.  I was very lucky to find the job of my dreams straight out of university.  It all happened very fast and before I officially started I had to up route to the Midlands, which has also been a new adventure.  I am now renting a sweet little house with my boyfriend of 5 years.  Working with beautiful fabrics and wallpapers has been great for all of the DIY projects in our new little home.


Above, I upholstered my dining room chairs with fabric from the Scion Wabi Sabi collection.  I piped the backs of the chairs and they all match.  I am very pleased with the final outcome and my mum was a great help.  I have also painted my bathroom mirror and various table tops…

I am really enjoying putting my own stamp on my new little house.